This blog is one year old

Last year around this time I decided I was going to “get better at the internet”. My former startup had officially just failed and I moved from a friends couch to a real apartment to began freelancing full time. I started this blog and began sharing the various design/animation/programming projects I get myself into without any real theme or goal in mind.

The outcome has been really incredible. I’m thankful for all 34k of you humans (or robots?) that checked out my blog this year and the opportunities that have come from that. Living and working in NYC has been amazing and this year I was fortunate enough to travel to London and San Francisco to work on really cool projects with awesome people. I’m stoked for 2105 and really appreciative for all my friends, family, clients, and mentors who helped in even the smallest of ways. You guys rock and I owe you everything.

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Side note: Celebrating new years in the winter is depressing. Celebrating the new year with a season change seems way better, thats happening, come on romans.

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