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EDIT: I made a splash page for the game because that seemed like a good idea

Powder is side project game I have been working on since March 2014. It’s a retro inspired, minimalist skiing simulator where you take on an endless mountain landscape. The game is a mix between arcade and simulation as I tried to be as accurate to skiing as possible. The controls are flow based, simple to learn, yet hard to master. I tried to capture the feeling of skiing: working against gravity to stay in control as it pulls you down the mountain. The gameplay is both simultaneously soothing and stressful.


By December, Powder had been sitting on my computer dormant for a few months. Right before Christmas, winter was here and I decided it was time to just get it finished and released. I pulled a few all nighters, finished it up and released it to the world. There was zero marking plan. We submitted it the app store, bugs and all, thinking no one would care, and that we could market and update it over time.

With no marketing, this was the reaction:

  • 200k+ downloads in the first week.
  • Featured by Apple in 15+ countries
  • “One of the most calming iOS games ever developed” - TIME Magazine
  • “A work of class” - App Spy

Thanks so much to everyone who has downloaded it and played it. This response has been very unexpected!

Technical Details

What’s new in 1.1

  • Now a universal app with iPad support
  • Fixed control bug that would cause quick taps to be registered as the same tap
  • Fixed bugs in UI
  • (iPhone6+) Fixed black screen bug on (let me know if not?)
  • (iPhone6+) For anyone experiencing the half screen rendering bug, turn your display mode to “Standard” in Settings > Display > View. A true fix will be coming soon.
  • Patched side hack
  • Adjusted gameplay difficulty progression
  • Local high score shown if not using GameCenter

Gameplay Tips:

  • Hold your taps longer to stay in control, with long sweeping carves
  • Double tap to jump to get out of tough situations

Coming Soon:

  • Jumps
  • Slalom Mode
  • Chase Mode
  • Time Trials
  • Environmental Effects
  • Full Soundtrack
  • Android Version

Follow @BuckLumberGames for updates. If you find more bugs, send an email to and I will get right on it!

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