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Arthur - Tides


I'm making a short film. It's called EPOR. It will probably be pretty weird.

Family Portrait

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Launching Stumbbble

Stumbbble is an idea I've had kicking around for a few years.

The other day I got an email that the domain I owned was about to expire. I decided it was time to do something with it.

The site was thrown together in a single day using sails.js, angular.js, dribbble, and kimono labs.

It's not perfect, there are a fair ammount of bugs, but it feels good to build things and release tiny projects that have been chilling in the back of your mind. Hope you enojoy it.

Introducing Lumber Mill

For the past few weeks I've been building a tool to help freelancers do better at money. It links your projects to actual data from your bank account, so your project pipeline is never our of date, and your income is always tagged (for awesome analytics!)

If this tool sounds interesting to you, let me know and I will work on releasing it for everyone :)